Disorder in The Order: 1886

In The Order: 1886, all the attributes of an exclusive game are present: repetitive gameplay, a banal story, and long cutscenes. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either. I would like to have more interactivity from the game. If I want this kind of entertainment, I’ll just watch a movie.

It’s understandable that the translation shouldn’t be literal, it should sound good. But for some reason, all remnants of meaning were lost and the game ended up being called “The Order: 1886”. Of course, the Order of the Round Table knights is present here, but why be so direct about it. Leave us some room to breathe, or soon you’ll be playing the game for us. And they’re already trying to do that, as you’ll see below.

An image from The Order: 1886

Look at how carefully the costumes of the characters are drawn.

The Order excellently demonstrates the full power of PlayStation 4. If my memory serves me right, games pursuing this goal have already been released: at the launch. Killzone: Shadow Fall and last year’s Driveclub. There is no doubt that consoles can produce excellent graphics, but it is not so important if there are no truly interesting projects.

Let’s start playing already – but no, the authors are trying in every way to take away my joystick or refuse to entertain me. A lot of time is spent moving from one place to another, and there is nothing remarkable along the way. Nikola Tesla’s Workshop and mini-games? No, boring. And a device with two sliders, where you have to press a button at the right time, is the epitome of primitiveness. You may argue that such gameplay is not for me, but I enjoyed exploring the world in the recent game. La vida es extraña., where everything is much livelier.

Another screenshot from the game

Style and attention to visual details are what the game excels at. A tremendous amount of work has been done with Motion Capture, and even in such complex scenes where characters descend with ropes on inclined walls of the airship, the movements are more than natural.

Pressing the triangle button at the right time is the main trick to eliminate enemies in your path. Then we are shown killings in vivid detail. To throw a grenade, you also need to press the triangle button within a specified time frame, and then we see beautiful images in slow motion at the moment when you need to press the next triangle button. Well, or square button. The shootouts impress with their effects and excitement, but it seems to me that too much is done for me.

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A good game should include both technology and design, it cannot be just one thing. The Order: 1886 is technically close to perfection and visually stunning, but it lacks lively characters, interesting interactions with the world, and something new. Therefore:

Do Not Order

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