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The title screen of the game

In my range of gaming interests, projects by French developers have always held a special place. Periodically, an irresistible thirst awakens in me to clear a couple hundred markers on an immense map. Last year’s… axes and hidden blades Put aside in favor of something more firearm-oriented.

I shout from afar

Far Cry 6 bursts with all the colors of a new setting from the very beginning. The slightly muted palette of the previous installment has been replaced with a full contrast of imaginable shades. Here, we will ignite the fire of revolution in a fictional country that bears no resemblance to Cuba.[sarcasm]The narrative is built on the already classic formula for games in the series: a lively introduction, an intriguing appearance of the main villain… and welcome to a new adventure that will consume a frightening amount of hours.

Ubisoft is known for stretching out their games. One look at the Far Cry 6 map makes me swear heavily. The scale is impressive, and to capture it in screenshots, one would have to do a whole photoshoot. It feels like the map from the previous installment, multiplied by 3.

A view of the open world in Far Cry 6

The task is simple – to help three of the most active instigators of rebellious sentiments in the fight for everything good. Completing each storyline takes enough time for you to forget why everyone gathered here in the first place.

Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 also didn’t really favor us with his presence, but at least he reminded us of himself in radio broadcasts. Anton Castillo – our main target – on the other hand, only allows us to be satisfied with rare cameos with his participation.

A humorous or amusing moment from the game

RPG with guns?

It may seem that the new part only differs in location. Not quite so. The familiar leveling system has been left behind – from now on, all perks are tied to equipment items. Here you have pants that increase running speed, and a shirt that adds to health regeneration. Weapons can also be upgraded by attaching different attributes to them. There is even a firearm with a vampirism effect, excuse me.

Most of the available means of fighting the dictatorial regime are waiting for us in boxes scattered throughout the corners of the game map. Only a portion of weapons and equipment can be purchased in the store.
Weapons no longer drop from enemies, so it is not possible to juggle trophy guns.

A scene or location within a camp in the game

Fortunately, curiosity and a passion for collecting are the only incentives to engage in loot hunting. No one will hinder you or drag you into the open world in search of additional activities, slowing down the progression of the story (hello, fifth installment). You can solely focus on the main storyline, nothing will prevent you from completing missions.

The game doesn’t hide its tricks from us, and it doesn’t have many surprises. In general, the desire to see the final credits comes much earlier than you will actually reach that ending.

The game world is divided into zones of different ranks. There are 8 of them, and the maximum rank is reached after 15 hours of gameplay. The mechanics, by the way, are completely empty – the experience of fighting enemies of different ranks is practically the same, especially since a headshot kills any target, even if there is a significant level difference between you. It’s not even worth complaining about this – everyone remembers the game progression in previous Assassin’s Creed games, right?

An image related to a mission or quest in Far Cry 6

Nowhere have the standard amusements disappeared – capturing outposts, races, time trials. You can engage in base management or participate in cockfights, where we control the rooster ourselves within the framework of a fighting game with three types of strikes. It looks as strange as it sounds.

Intense combat or fighting action in the game

Clearing the map

I would like to shed light on the current state of the PC game. As of the writing of this material, it has been 18 days since the release of Far Cry 6, and there have been no patches or hotfixes from the developers.

Currently, the official game forum is filled with outraged players and descriptions of various technical issues. Ubisoft support initially responded with generic phrases, and then disappeared altogether, leaving people alone with their problems.

The game suffers from periodic crashes, sudden FPS drops that can only be resolved by restarting, and global display issues. Some textures’ LoDs are mixed up and appear low-detailed, as if they are far away from the player. The most unfortunate thing is that a significant number of weapon textures have turned out to be problematic.

All of these issues won’t prevent you from completing the game, but they will cause some unpleasantness.

A close-up showcasing textures and details in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 turned out to be somewhat ambiguous. It is still fun to play, but the joy of the process quickly disappears. It has a large but monotonous world. It is a worthy time killer, capable of keeping you engaged for a week or two while you wait for something from this fall’s hits.

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