The Finals: Every Battle is an Unforgettable Experience

White dress and bunny mask

The Finals is a multifaceted shooter with a variety of mechanics from popular games in the genre. Developed by Embark Studios, the game focuses on esports appeal, new gameplay modes, and character customization options, making it both attractive and visually spectacular.

One of the game’s standout features is its visuals. The graphics are top-notch, and the art design creates an atmosphere of richness and emotional engagement. Environmental destructibility not only looks impressive but also adds strategic depth to battles.

Giant duck!

Random events on the map, such as alien invasions or gravity changes, bring unpredictability and dynamism to the game, enhancing its spectacle.

The Finals offers a vast amount of content for players. Diverse maps, character classes, and weapon types allow each player to find their own playstyle and enjoy the process. Melee combat is excellent; a swift sword thrust or a hammer-created hole in the wall changes everything.

Cold weapons, sword

The game leaves some questions unanswered and can be somewhat frustrating when played alone. While chopping everyone up is fun, even mastering solo play doesn’t quite measure up. Teamwork plays a crucial role (though it may not be immediately obvious), and collaborative efforts create exciting moments and impressive shootouts.

Some players express dissatisfaction with the anti-cheat system. Cheating issues have become a significant obstacle to comfortable play in competitive modes, and it’s essential for developers to give this issue due attention.

We love The Finals

Overall, The Finals is an excellent shooter deserving of attention. Despite some shortcomings, the game offers engaging gameplay, colorful battles, and plenty of content right from the start. If you appreciate quality shooters with deep mechanics and dynamic gameplay, then The Finals is an excellent choice.


How much does The Finals cost? The game follows a free-to-play model, and monetization does not affect gameplay.

Is The Finals cross-platform? Yes, The Finals supports cross-play on all platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Steam (PC). We recommend disabling this feature in the settings.

On which platforms will The Finals be released? There are no plans for porting to PS4 and Switch by the developers.

The Finals
PC, PS5, Xbox Series X
Action, Multiplayer
Embark Studios
Embark Studios
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