Resident Evil Village: Classic Fear Theory

A scene from Resident Evil Village

Blood spreads like a thin thread behind me, revealing my location to every creature in this godforsaken place. I have run out of medication, even that damn healing herb is gone. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I have barricaded myself in the house, somehow slowing down the bleeding… I don’t have enough bullets for long, and they will definitely come here. My strength is slowly leaving me. And why did I even decide to use this typewriter…

I couldn’t resist the pleasure of bringing a little “Resident Evil” atmosphere to our review today. There is something alluring and truly iconic about these typewriters, red boxes of 9mm bullets, and green sprouts of herbs that heal even the wounds from a hydraulic drill.

In one black-black village..

This year the series turned 25 years old and in honor of such an event, Capcom invites you…to the village. The festive program is overall classic – old good survival horror. We search every corner in search of constantly running out supplies, solve simple puzzles, and shoot…shoot…shoot.

A character greeting in the game

The old as the world formula of gameplay continues to prove its viability! While European studios frantically compare the schedule of “hype trains” in order to fit into the next fleeting trend, the Japanese continue to delight players with that harmonious synergy of the old and proven with a touch of novelty.

In Resident Evil Village, a logical evolution of ideas from the previous numbered installment can be observed. The camera confidently remains in the first-person perspective, the protagonist continues to pour green liquid on his limbs and get into incredible situations.

It has been 3 years since the events at the ranch in Louisiana. Ethan and his wife managed to escape from the nightmares they had experienced, build a cozy family nest, and have children… and accidentally get involved in new troubles.

A certain plot twist catches Ethan right in the middle of a snowy forest, leading him to a gloomy and suspiciously familiar village for fans of the series. You know, those lonely villages in the outskirts of Europe, with a mandatory Victorian-style castle and adjacent factories.

Is that all, stranger?

From the earliest presentations, the game did not hide its ideological inspiration. It may be too crude to call it a “village” version of Resident Evil 4 in first-person view, but in the first few hours, this thought will constantly visit every player familiar with the previous installments of the long-playing series.

A character known as

There is even a local merchant here! The Duke doesn’t have much charisma, though. But he plays an important role in the narrative, combining the functions of a merchant, guide, and ideological mentor for our hero. Over time, we will even be able to uncover the culinary abilities of this well-fed gentleman! Similar to RE 4, the village surroundings are inhabited by various wildlife that can be swiftly looted and consumed for various bonuses – more health points, enhanced blocking, etc.

The number 4 will frequently appear before us throughout the game, as so much of the game design is based on this number. Several times, our main task will be to collect key items in the general hub for further progression. Can you guess how many of these items Ethan will need to find? There are also exactly four main villains – one for each designated zone.

Merchandise related to Resident Evil Village

Exploring the surroundings

If at first the game world seems quite vast, then it suddenly shrinks. And it can be very useful to walk along paths that have already been passed. As you progress, new tools are unlocked that allow you to interact with different objects and open previously inaccessible areas.

Each of the presented game areas is distinguished by both the atmosphere and gameplay accents. One location will remind old-timers of the spirit of the first part and offer to wander through sinister gloomy corridors with doors locked by whimsical mechanisms. In another, unexpectedly, the game will play nicely with the nerves of even experienced thrill-seekers. Seriously, when I started playing another “Resident Evil,” the last thing I thought about was finding a place for fear in the spectrum of emotions experienced during the gameplay.

An image from the village

And overall, with the variety at Village, everything has gotten better! The arsenal is filled with a wider range of options and the ability to upgrade your favorite weapon. And all of this magnificent firepower is to be used against the updated bestiary. The toothy Gutalin creatures are a thing of the past – now we face quite impressive opponents of various colors, shapes, and sizes. At certain moments, the game skillfully juggles combinations of enemies, allowing even the resourceful player to enjoy a nerve-wracking experience.

It is worth mentioning the boss battles separately – they are always a highlight, a culmination, and a reward for the player’s successful overcoming of another milestone on the way to the finale. Just like in RE7, each boss requires a special approach, and it is truly interesting to figure out their weaknesses, even if it is done in no time.

However, when it comes to the game’s story, there is almost nothing to say without spoilers. Resident Evil has never aimed to conquer the heights of narrative art and tell immortal stories. In this regard, the game remains true to its traditions. I’m not criticizing the story part at all – it’s always interesting to follow, there are a couple of truly incredible twists, but overall, after watching the credits, you think more about how cool it was to take down a horde of monsters in a challenging arena, rather than the fate of the characters and the events they experienced.

In conclusion, Resident Evil Village can be rightfully called the brightest release of 2021 so far. It is a very thrilling action game with a delicious touch of horror that will not leave even the most discerning gamers indifferent. Personally, we are eagerly awaiting the addition of Resident Evil 9, which, according to rumors, is already in development!

Moreover, it was possible to taste the main dish for free! Capcom continues to bring back 1997 by consistently releasing juicy demos for each new “resident,” fueling excitement before the upcoming release. Unfortunately, this time the demo was time-limited and left the pages of game stores on May 11. As they say, those who managed to try it…

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