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Football Superstars

Tired of grinding dungeons in the latest content patch of World of Warcraft? Want to play some football, but it’s raining outside? It seems like the developers of Football Superstars have solved this problem by creating the world’s first MMO football game.

Unlike traditional football simulators like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, where you choose a team and conquer leagues and championships (as well as unlucky opponents in multiplayer), in Football Superstars, you create one player and lead him to the top of super cups. Sounds quite unusual, doesn’t it? That’s right – you and only you control your player on the football field, along with two dozen other live players.

This extremely unusual approach to a football simulator brings a touch of novelty and originality to Football Superstars. For example, if at the beginning of the game there will be a group of “Pinocchios” running on the field, each of whom thinks they are Ronaldinho or Pele, then in higher divisions, you will play with much more skilled players. This is where the beauty of this MMO format comes into play – thanks to the skillful actions of each player, the whole team will play very cohesively and well. And let’s not forget that each individual player is controlled by a real person.

In addition to playing football on the virtual field and earning virtual money, your aspiring Fernando Torres can improve his football skills in the training room, give interviews in the players’ club, and simply have fun on the beach. Sounds quite interesting, right? However, in reality, most of the time you will still be playing football, as the other side activities in Football Superstars look extremely boring and monotonous.

Furthermore, the game is greatly let down by its poor graphics. Distorted faces of players, low-resolution textures of hair on the chests and legs of real football machos, as well as jerky animation, may discourage a significant portion of aesthetes from Football Superstars. Frankly speaking, the game can only be proud of its extremely unusual idea and its implementation. Playing virtual football with other live players is cool. Watching a bunch of polygonal figures running around is disgusting.

In conclusion, it can be confidently said that Football Superstars deserves your attention, but we cannot guarantee that you will spend more than two or three days on it. Terrible graphics and animation, as well as the almost complete lack of out-of-game activities, greatly spoil the overall impression of the game. The creators of Football Superstars can honestly be proud of creating a very interesting and engaging game idea, but at this stage, the implementation of their MMO football looks quite weak. If the developers invite a competent game designer and a couple of experienced designers to the project, Football Superstars 2 could become a real hit in the online gaming industry.

Football Superstars
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