Tormented Souls: Just a Mix of Cult Horror Classics

A detailed view of an ornate temple.

For me, the horror game genre has always been special. Until I was 14, I was terrified of monsters. So much so that I didn’t even play Fallout 3, perceiving ghouls and other mutants as a living nightmare. But one evening, I stumbled upon the film adaptation of Silent Hill on TV. And I decided that it was time to face fear.

Today, I have managed to accumulate extensive experience in the genre of virtual horror games. Unfortunately, the thrill is sometimes dulled. The feeling of fear and sweaty palms remain in memories, while trends have shifted towards tasteless jump scares and hiding under the bed.

A hauntingly beautiful mansion hallway.

If you share these thoughts, you should do it quickly. Acquire Tormented Souls for myself. The holiday came from where we didn’t expect. The small studio PQube Limited quietly and without much fanfare released their indie horror game. This is a rare case when the phrase “indie horror” is pronounced without veiled contempt.

Tormented Souls is a tribute to the glorious past of survival horror. It’s like Silent Hill in the aesthetics of Resident Evil – the game takes place in a mansion that has been converted into a sanatorium.

An eerie and mysterious body.

The formula is truly classic – the heroine arrives at a mysterious place from where she received a letter. Strange things are happening within the walls of the estate, and we try to figure out what is going on. We gather weapons from improvised means, shoot local wildlife, and solve puzzles. Many puzzles. Which do not always boast logic accessible to an ordinary person.

A character on a quest in a dark and mysterious world.

In addition to various types of impurity, darkness itself is among our enemies. Being in unlit areas is dangerous for life – there resides an ominous something capable of pushing us to our last resort. So, it is necessary to move through unlit areas strictly with a lighter in hand. Unfortunately, some monsters are not bothered by darkness at all, and they cannot be fended off with a lighter. In such moments, one can try to find a potential source of light nearby. We light the saving fire, grab a weapon, and defend ourselves, trying not to leave the illuminated zone.

An eerie basement scene with ominous machinery.

It turns out that the main advantage of the game is also its main disadvantage. Tormented Souls resembles a timid fan who meticulously imitates their idols. It really wants you to recognize every reference, winking at the player and reminding them of forgotten moments from old horror games. But it doesn’t add much of its own.

An excellent attraction, soaked in nostalgia and filled with the essence of successful ideas from the genre’s pioneers. PQube Limited has proven themselves as capable craftsmen who understand the true pillars on which any true horror should stand – a dense oppressive atmosphere and suspense that dominates the encounter with something frightening.

Tormented Souls
PC, PS5, Xbox Series X
Action, Adventure, Survival
Dual Effect
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