Here Was Supposed to Be a Review of The Sacred Tears TRUE

… but it’s not there. The reason is simple – the game refused to work.

More precisely, it refused to accept signals from both the keyboard and the PlayStation 4 gamepad.

Oh, how I wanted The Sacred Tears TRUE to be a worthwhile purchase. To be able to say that even with RPG Maker, you can bring unusual ideas to life, that for a true connoisseur of good video games, graphics are not the main thing, and so on in that spirit, but alas. I was not destined to experience the promised delights of TST.

In general, this very The Sacred Tears is about a classic jRPG, but with a “card-based” battle system. The idea, you must agree, is not bad. I’m sure that in the near future, someone will definitely pick it up on a larger scale project. Agree, current computer-card entertainment, anime aesthetics, and Japanese role-playing games focused on combinations of various tactical mechanics are literally made for each other.

Or maybe someone has already picked it up, but the general public doesn’t know about it yet. Even about TST, no one had heard anything until the recent digital sale.

It’s high time to combine Yu-Gi-Oh! with Pokémon, Final Fantasy, and World of Warcraft. A card-based role-playing game on RPG Maker 2000 on Steam? Give me two!

A mythical adventure

The failure caught up immediately.

Only the “accept” button worked in the control. I can’t do anything else in TST, not even move the menu up and down. The “cancel” command seems to still work, but good luck figuring that out. To exit the first training battle screen, you need to select the “exit” option with the arrows, but that turned out to be beyond the capabilities of my Windows 7, SteelSeries mechanical keyboard, and original PS4 gamepad.

Just in case, I turned off Num-Lock, tried Caps-Lock and Scroll-Lock. I remember these tricks worked with a rogue-like game called… Elona Well, firstly, there was a separate free client, and secondly, the game itself switched the keyboard to the mode it needed at the start.

It didn’t work.

Even restarting didn’t help me. To be completely sure that Steam is working properly with my hardware, I started checking myself in… Mercenary Kings Both the keyboard and the gamepad worked fine there.

On the Steam forums, surprisingly, everything was fine for everyone, but some posts made you think that Valve’s service and RPG Maker products don’t really like each other. Steam and The Sacred Tears TRUE launcher were both shut down one after another through the task manager. The remaining game client worked fine, but still didn’t start.
Magic and mystery

I still want someone to find a way to try The Sacred Tears TRUE. I know that enthusiasts of small indie projects love to scour the internet in search of information about their favorite games. If you, my dear reader, are one of them and can enlighten me on how to revive TST in my circumstances, please write in the comments what I need to do.

Then, at the very least, I will be able to write a proper game review.

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