Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

Inkling in action

Don’t look at the rating, this is by no means a perfect game, but it has so much good in it that it’s impossible to understand those who didn’t like it. Once you try it on the Nintendo Switch, you won’t delete the game for years. It’s a fast, crazy, and fun fighting game with incredible attention to detail, rightfully deserving a place in the Nintendo pantheon.

Most of you didn’t even know about the fighting game with characters from various Nintendo games, but the series has a long history. In 1999, the first Super Smash Bros was released on the Nintendo 64. Fans can expect a powerful dose of nostalgia and improved Smash gameplay. And for newcomers, it’s a great option for multiplayer gaming.

Smash Ultimate is a fighting game similar to classic Mario games, where you jump on “platforms,” but instead of defeating mushrooms, you’ll be battling other players.

The main single-player campaign in Ultimate, called World of Light, offers a multitude of battles with unique rules and opponents. You start playing as Kirby, the only survivor after an attack that turned all the Nintendo multiverse into soulless beings – their bodies were cloned into evil duplicates.

Evil Mario character

You move around a huge map, explore it, and unlock additional fighters by defeating their evil forms. The reward is Spirits – these are vague characters that are not available as playable fighters, but they always come with some bonus: skins, support items, or musical compositions.

The list of 77 characters and 6 additional DLC can confuse anyone. Upon first loading, you will have access to eight characters: Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Starfox, and Pikachu. Unlocking happens quite quickly, but to unlock them all, you will have to work hard. I like additional skins like Mario’s wedding suit.

Link soaring through the skies

When you unlock all the characters, you will be surprised at how diverse they are. Some are definitely easier to play, and I recommend Pit, Kirby, or Mario for beginners as their fighting styles are easy to understand. Many characters have significant differences in battle tactics.

You can ask about balance, but I won’t answer. Who knows: there’s a whole crowd of characters here. Opinions on balance are constantly changing, but no one is complaining about any huge advantages so far. The differences lie only in the complexity of mastering certain styles.

I still believe that Smash is the best fighting game for beginners because the controls are very simple. This cannot be said about the game as a whole, which may seem easy, but it is deceptive. Here, you are constantly learning something and developing your skill.

There are over 100 locations, including arenas with changing forms and redesigned ones from the N64 era. They look both updated and recognizable.

Epic battle between Link and Ganon

The graphics and animation are done at a higher level than I expected. The picture is smooth, and the frame rate doesn’t drop. In matches with four or more players, it can be difficult to make out, and the battle can get lost in the bright effects. At first, I didn’t even understand who was playing for whom. Perhaps there is a lack of character outlines.

Overall, this is an amazing game that is very fun to play, especially with friends. The local multiplayer with 8 players outweighs all other modes. The single-player mode is needed until you unlock all the characters, and online play requires a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

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