Steam Arcades: Risk of Rain, Full Mojo Rampage, Drunken Robot Pornography

E3 has passed, almost all interesting games were shown with the tagline “coming in 2015”, there are some strange rains outside, I have already played five hundred hours of the fifth “Civilization”, no blockbusters are coming out. What should I do?

One of the good answers is to dig into the Steam library and find something that is simple, dynamic, and bright at the same time!.. If possible. The flood called Early Access shows no signs of receding, and you start looking at niche projects with caution. What have they come up with this time, who knows?

Of course, we won’t tell you about the entire Steam library, but your humble servant has three games in mind that are unlikely to disappoint fans of energetic level runs with shooting. recommends – the classic two-dimensional Risk of Rain, top-down mazes Full Mojo Rampage, and first-person bullet-hell Drunken Robot Pornography!

Risk of Rain

The first game of the Trinity will probably be the most hardcore of the proposed entertainments. In RoR, the gamer is dropped onto a randomly generated healthy arena, where they need to, firstly, not die, secondly, take out all the local hordes of aliens, and thirdly, defeat a huge boss.

Moreover, the faster everything is done, the better, because the more time accumulates on the timer, the cooler the monsters become. And various collected power-ups will not help much in this matter.

Uncovering secrets in a broken world

At the first level of hardcore, you might not even notice, because when you’re just starting to fall behind, most of the enemies from the starting arena are already taken out, and there’s no sudden jump in the hostility of the foreign fauna. But once you move on to the second level, everything suddenly falls into place – there are immediately a lot of monsters, and they all mercilessly chip away at your hit points.

In other words, Risk of Rain is an endlessly session-based game. The better you mow down enemies, the further you progress with each attempt. If you want to succeed, you have to personally crank up the pace.

But even if you don’t want to exert yourself too much, you can always clear one level after another.

Venturing through desolate ruins

Congratulations, now you know what you can do to pass a few dozen minutes/hours when there seems to be nothing else to do and the fruitful autumn has not yet arrived! Moreover, we will even help you get the aforementioned games in your Steam library!

Risk of Rain
PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch
2D Platformer
Hopoo Games
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