Party Hard Review

Party Hard – a name suitable for some tycoon about nightclubs. So that you would manage the staff, organize the delivery of alcohol, ensure safety, earn a lot of money and prestige in society. So that there is such unobtrusive three-dimensional graphics a la Anno 2070.

…in fact, we have a bright pixel simulator of a maniac-psychopath.

Sneaky party sabotage

In order for the average two-dimensional character to start cutting everyone to the right and left, all you need to do is deprive him of peace and quiet at night. Then everything will literally fall into place: the knife will end up in his hands, and a crowded location will be found.

In essence, the entire gameplay of Party Hard is solving an arcade puzzle of how to kill fifty (on average) drunk idiots without getting caught. The main rules are as follows:

The number of partygoers decreases either with cold weapons or with various improvised traps/bombs. For example, a zebra can be parked at the entrance to the club, which, when stimulated in a timely manner, will trample passersby to death.

No one cares about a suspicious guy with a knife and a mask, except for the bouncers. To scare the local crowd, you need corpses. Dead bodies will make people run to the payphones for the police and medics.

The aforementioned police, represented by a single inspector, will only catch you if witnesses catch the killer in the act, or if you approach the law enforcement officer close enough for him to recognize the criminal.

That’s it, you can go have fun with serial killings.

Unleashing chaos at the party

Playing Party Hard is mostly as fun as it sounds in theory. There are soulfully drawn alcoholics and loafers wandering around, the atmosphere is lively, the music is wild, and you stealthily circle the location, picking off the stragglers from the crowd. Plus, it’s enjoyable to watch the exploding speakers and the panic that ensues afterwards.

However, somewhere after the first hour, the initial excitement starts to fade, and the main drawback of Party Hard becomes apparent – the repetitive gameplay. In Party Hard, you want to play it like you used to play “How to annoy your neighbor”: carefully study the map and local traps, then come up with a route to quickly, beautifully, and spectacularly kill everyone. But progressing level by level like this is not possible for one simple reason – at least half of the kills in each location can only be done with a knife. After playing with bloody fireworks and grilling the unfortunate ones, using a knife becomes boring.

I can’t wait for the next level, as the interest is fading, and even though the background music sets the right tone, it quickly becomes tiresome and starts to get on your nerves…

Silent but deadly

It’s good that it only takes two to three hours to complete the game. One good, full of dark humor evening with Party Hard is practically guaranteed, and the project doesn’t aim for anything more.

And plus, when you want to relax and beat up virtual troublemakers, PH will always be in your library.

Party Hard
PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Pinokl Games
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