NFS Reboot – Much Ado About Nothing

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I don’t want to write too much about the new Need for Speed. Many elements will seem very familiar, we’ve all seen them in previous installments. The series was thrown into a blender, added chocolate syrup, carefully mixed, and sprinkled with an expensive advertising campaign with celebrities on top. However, nothing revolutionary was noticed. No super smart opponents or well-developed interactive environment.

The story forces you to play. You could say it forces you. After beautiful trailers, we are greeted with simple missions to the point of boredom. Sometimes something difficult comes up, but for the most part, everything is ridiculously easy. The gameplay itself is sluggish. Speed and difficulty change unevenly.

The controls are arcade-like and depend on the settings. Any car can be turned into a drift car, even front-wheel and all-wheel drive. In reality, excessive maneuverability is only possible with rear-wheel drive. I’ve had enough of realism. He nitpicked in the preview of NFS 2015. But since the developers themselves do not hide the arcade nature of their creation, let’s forgive them for that.

They hired dimwits for the local police. Wait, in the interest of realism, it should be like that. Law enforcement officers can be ignored, and in return, they ignore you. No difficulty or confrontation. Since we have an arcade simulator NFS, let’s put it as a negative. I can advise the developers to read Stephen Rabin’s books, maybe they will learn how to make games.

BMW in action

The open world is here just for show. Interactivity and entertainment outside of races will have to be found in other games, like GTA for example. The level of detail is no higher than Most Wanted, which was released back in 2005. In ten years, they could have come up with something new or even borrowed ideas from competitors.

The game does have a strong point: the tuning process is done brilliantly. In the garage, coming up with the next design can take up more time than the races themselves. Modifying cars is engaging.

The night hides the flaws in the graphics. It’s a typical, console-worthy picture. carefully edited screenshots And in the video, everything looks impressive and photorealistic, but in reality there is no breakthrough.

Muscle car excitement in Need for Speed 2015

The music is cool and modern. The tracks may not flow into each other and may not depend on specific situations in races, but they set the right pace and corresponding mood. The only thing is that some people may not like it because of excessive cheerfulness.

The game has been translated into Russian. There are few mistakes, everything seems to be of good quality. But the voice acting, as expected from our localizers, was done without careful selection of actors. In the best traditions: bearded men speak with young voices, black actors voice white characters and vice versa. It’s worth hearing once to never again turn on Russian in the game.

Even if you don’t want to play with other people, the new NFS requires an internet connection. You play, and bam, go have some tea, take a break.

Unexpected disconnection in high-speed racing

The reboot of such an important series aimed to please many. The brilliant customization process is spoiled by arcade racing games that struggle to hold the player’s interest. I can only recommend the new Need for Speed to fans who haven’t missed a single part of the series. Everyone else should switch their attention to Forza, Dirt, or GTA.

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