Drunken Robot Pornography

Drunken Robot Pornography is a colorful first-person bullet-hell game. Just in case: bullet hell games are when clouds of deadly projectiles come at you from all sides at different speeds and patterns, and you need to, first of all, survive, and secondly, actually destroy the one who is sending these projectiles around the arena. Classic games of this genre are all hardcore 2D side-scrolling shooters, but here we have a full-fledged first-person shooter, and, as they say, that changes everything.

Between the lines, I will note that it is useless to retell the plot of the game.

Mysterious encounters

The pleasure of DRP is based on three pillars, the first of which is an excellent primitive arcade shooter.

Even during the alpha testing, it was clear that the transfer of what seemed to be a solid two-dimensional idea into 3D was successful. Bombs fly, self-guided missiles circulate, lasers work, and artillery fires salvos simultaneously in local arenas – everything as it should be. You need to constantly move, collect various bonuses, and shoot-shoot-shoot.

The main targets to shoot at are giant robots, but anything can happen.

The second pillar is the concise and vibrant design. Drunken Robot Pornography should be included in textbooks on “How to make cool things out of one and a half polygons”. Additionally, the game features excellent positive electronic music that sets the right mood for a small project.

And the third pillar is the global leaderboard for each level. If simply beating the timer is too easy for you, you can try to beat the most active DRP enthusiasts. It’s very, very, very challenging, but it adds a great competitive thrill.

Confronting danger

Drunken Robot Pornography
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