Indie Puzzle 10,000,000

I bought the game 10,000,000 not with party money, but with my own. I spent a whole $5 on Steam. Another variation on the theme of “collect three items in a row” looked interesting enough to dispel boredom on a February weekend. I didn’t even think about writing anything about it. And then it turned out that I spent a total of 20 hours on 10,000,000, twice as much as the last “Bioshock”.

Which, on one hand, is natural for “endless” games, but on the other hand, I didn’t plan to spend more than 120 minutes on “10mlln” at all.

Puzzles and Challenges Await

“Millions” greet us with old-school PC-style pixels, without any introduction, throwing us into the headquarters of the hyphenated dungeon. Apparently, there is only one way out – through the sturdy gates at the bottom.

Here begins the first race. As is customary nowadays, an indie puzzle cannot just be a puzzle, it must be, first and foremost, a rogue-like game with a strategic twist. Even if it is made with pure enthusiasm and one and a half pixels. That’s why we don’t just go through levels, we fight against various enemies randomly placed on the running track.

Headquarters Insights and Exploration

The first half of the game’s most vicious opponents are chests. Because you need to collect two keys for them. Over time, it will become easier to search the field for chips, because with the resources earned (stone-wood-gold-experience) you can open a gym in the dungeon-headquarters, four forges (one magical), and a bar. In these entertainment establishments, you can have a drink, forge a more powerful staff for yourself, and acquire a new chainmail.

Of course, we don’t have a full RPG here, so these bonuses will also work through puzzle solving. For example, increasing the damage from matched sets of three swords, and so on.

Well, so that we don’t get bored, in 10,000,000 there is even a final goal – to collect guess how many points and escape from the castle. Despite the fact that the actual game chips will not change, everything else around will spin in a kaleidoscope of fun. Goblin enemies will change to treants, to dragons, to catapults, different items will fall from chests, and the game will give us various side quests.

It is also pleasing that you can scatter the local chips with both hardcore diligence and, in general, lounging in a chair and rolling up your sleeves. These very ten million points will not go anywhere anyway, you will only need to push a little harder at the very end, when the largest multiplier of earned points is unlocked (each run starts with zero points, just the further you progress on the “tracks”, the more points each attempt is multiplied by) and if you are interested in opening that big door on the right in the headquarters.

Other than that – we move the mouse according to our mood and have fun.

Mastering Various Tasks

In addition to the fact that 10,000,000 is not the most cheerful name, and also the fact that the game keys are not given out for free on the streets to everyone who wants them, the game actually has no disadvantages, only advantages. Well, with the caveat that this is not a $50 million project, but a very small original development, which can be spent more time on than on half of those projects with budgets.

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